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Happy Businesswoman

First Priority Services, LLC.


Being alone is NOT what I started my own business to do. I knew I need to go solo to find my way, and I did. But then I was lost. All the things - overwhelmed and in turmoil. At risk of losing work because I could not manage my clients well.


I was not living up to my own expectations. I got an assistant and too inexperienced myself the relationship failed.


Grace smiled upon me when in a desperate search for a new resource, I met Alyson. She has turned my work and thereby personal life around. Streamlined, low maintenance, clear, positive, fast and accurate - she takes the things that freak me out and makes them kittens. Cute and very manageable. 


In only a few months she has allowed me to meet my clients’ needs, snag new ones, and do my dharma once again.


I recommend her so highly and shall never never let her go!

-- Tracy Bullock, Simplicity Do Your Dream

    November 2019

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